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Inside the most typical Italian landscape, among medieval villages and hills characterized by slight slopes, we can find the hat district; a system of small and medium size enterprises that has successfully interpreted, for the last two centuries, a unique record: being one of the most important productive centers in manufacturing this particular accessory. It is in this context that Ferruccio Vecchi’s creative inspiration is born and takes place. In the area in which the manufacturing of hats is considered as an art perpetuated through the years, every Ferruccio Vecchi’s creation comes from an infinite cultural heritage, knowledge in constant motion while respecting the handcrafted quality. By faithfully respecting this tradition, for the past thirty years Ferruccio Vecchi has been producing hats and accessories characterized by an accurate choice of materials and a design that is always up-to-date. The specialized labor, the accuracy in the manufacturing process which takes place exclusively in Italy and the use of premium materials allowed the company to sell products with high quality standard and characterized by the exquisite Italian style.