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Atum s.r.l.
Via Carlo Crivelli, 7
63834 Massa Fermana (FM) Italia
Tel. +39 0734 760145
Fax +39 0734 760197

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Dear Client,
We would like to inform you that your data are handled by the company ATUM SRL, owner of the process, with respect to the Legislative Decree 196/03 (Italian Code regarding the Protection of Personal Data).
Aim of this process
- mailing list;
- send information and promotional material regarding new products and/or corporate services.
Handling procedures and data requirements. The data are registered in the server of the company owning the process. These data are used for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and they are gathered and handled in a proper way. Any civil or criminal liability for false information, perjury, information not in “good faith” or in any case different from the truth is under the responsibility of who gives this information and ATUM SRL will have no liability. The personal data could be disclosed to third parties (companies and/or private) that have connected activities with the services rendered by ATUM SRL.
Safety requirements
The personal data are stored and inspected so that to reduce, thanks to some appropriate and preventive measures, the risks associated with the destruction or loss of the data, non-authorized access or not-permitted use compared to the main purposes of the collection of the data.
Rights of the interested party
The interested party can at any time request to change, add or delete his personal data. To exercise these rights and to know the updated list of the entities in charge of the data handling, the interested party can write to:
Via Carlo Crivelli, 7
63834 Massa Fermana (FM) Italy
Phone +39 0734 760145
Fax +39 0734 760197